Our daughter Nixie was with Connie for over 2 years and she loved it. She loved Miss Connie, and her family. She was always well taken care of and was always happy when we would pick her up. Most of the time she was the first one there in the mornings so she would just take a mini nap until the other children got there. Connie and her family were always more than willing to help out our family when we needed it. She was very flexible with our changing schedules every once in a while, which was a huge help to us. If we decide to have another child they would definitely be going to Connie again.


Kate G.


My name is Rebecca F. and our daughter has been attending Little Tumbling Teddy Bears (LTTB) daycare since she was 8 weeks old. Being a first time mother and having to go back to work after spending only 8 weeks with my little one, I was an emotional wreck and very apprehensive about leaving her with a complete stranger. However, I have to say, after the first day I was immediately put at ease once I realized how nurturing Connie as with my daughter as well as other kids.

Connie has always given my daughter the proper care and attention necessary to ensure she was content. If my daughter became sick during the day, she has always taken the appropriate measures to notify me so I could come pick her up or if it was not too serious, she would make sure to ask my permission to administer medication to her. My daughter had chronic ear infections and Connie was always very good about letting me know if she noticed anything out of the ordinary so I could get her to a doctor. Whenever I had a special request (e.g. what or how much to feed her, keeping an eye on her physical behavior), Connie has always obliged.

In addition to Connie being attentive, she has been very reliable. There has not been a day in the 3 years my daughter has attended LTTB that Connie has closed daycare due to weather, being sick, etc. When she was sick or had an appointment, there was always qualified backup help present to watch the children.

During the holidays or on the children’s birthday, Connie always seems to do something thoughtful for the children such as buying them a gift or making them something special that is related to that particular holiday.

Now that my daughter is starting preschool, my husband and I are very sad that Connie will no longer be watching her. LTTB has definitely been my daughter’s home away from home, and Connie has always treated my daughter as if she were her own and we feel lucky to have found her. Although we will still visit, we will miss her very much.

Rebecca F.



We have really enjoyed having Taylor with Connie. Connie was taking care of Taylor from March 2008 to September 2008. My original plan was to keep Taylor at home with me while I work until September; however my job required that I come back to the office 4 days a week.

We already had made arrangements for September for Taylor. My husband and I started researching and spreading the word that we needed someone to take care of Taylor until September. We found Connie Woods via an advertisement online. Come to find out another friend of ours used her for their son, so I was very excited.

We love to see Taylor sitting on Connie’s or Candace’s lap when I pick her up. Connie is very organized & detailed about Taylor’s care. Connie’s home is clean & organized. Taylor is always happy! So we know she is getting her share of attention and that is what matters to us.

-Scott & Tonya Hagins