Most Parents prefer an in home day care over day care centers.

Most Parents would rather have an in home day care due to several factors including one important factor that by having a smaller number of children helps prevent illnesses. Germs are spread more quickly and over a wider area in day care centers then in an in home day care. As well since the in home day care is also the home for the Provider and her own family, the home is cleaned throughout each day and regularly sanitized. Also with the larger day care centers having their employees {Providers} coming and going, the child will interact with multiple employees {Providers} where in a in home day care, normally only having one employee {Provider} your child gets one-on-one interaction.

Home day cares have fewer children with no more than 8 in total unless the provider is licensed for more children and in those situations the Provider has a helper.

 In home day cares also allow the child to bring their own Sippy cup, and their own blankets, and anything else a child is attached too. Most day centers do not allow these things to be brought in.

The day care centers front doors are always unlocked since they are a commercial building where this is a fire safety requirement and where the children can open the doors and could potentially wonder off freely. This is unsafe for the children. Home day cares will keep all of the exterior doors of the home locked during day for the safety of the children. Additionally there are safety door knob locks on all exterior doors and some internal room doors (i.e., Utility/Furnace Room) that prevent the children from opening or allowing them to wonder off outside the safety of the home or into unsafe rooms of the home.

 With Day Care Centers they are generally needing to raise their rates every year due to the rising costs for commercial properties however with most Home Day Care Providers, we remain the same in our rates throughout the contract period and normally until the Parent is ending the services as needing to place the child then into pre-school or even Kindergarten.

Providers in an in home day care, often tend to help Parents out if they cannot afford day care compared to the day care centers that are not able to lower their rates.  For all these reasons it affords the Parents to continue stay on their budget for raising their family.

 Most In home day care Providers give the children gifts on almost every Holiday; they celebrate the children’s Birthdays where most day care centers do not spend their own money or profits to giving the children gifts.  

 Thank you.

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